Yeelight Crystal Pendant Light
Perfect Lighting for Every Meal
Multicolor Ambient Lighting | Adjustable Color Temperature
Voice Control | Capture Natural Colors of Food
Comfortable Lighting for Your Home
Crystal is the perfect light for dining tables and counters. It features long, sleek design, supported with multicolor ambient lighting options, distributing light smoothly and presenting perfect dining atmosphere.
Unparalleled Lighting Experience
Crystal has 280 quality LED lighting beads that eliminate glare and distribute light evenly across your surface.
Multicolor Ambient Lighting
Find the best colors to complement your dining experience. The ambient light allows you to set the right moods for your dining moments and create a truly immersive experience.
High Color Rendering
Crystal has excellent color rendering index of Ra95 to capture the true colors of your food and enhance the visual appeal of your food.
Dimmable and Adjustable Color Temperature
Crystal is dimmable to fit the mood of any occasion. Also, Crystal can be set to a crisp white light, a warm yellow light or anything in between.
Minimalist Style
The Scandinavian inspired design is slim and sleek, giving your house a modern look. The integrated power design makes it look lighter than most lamps.
Hexagonal Design
The Crystal's surface is beautifully edged with a hexagonal design, resembling that of a honeycomb. The natural structure gives the light a charming aesthetic.
Bug and Dust Proof
The tightly sealed design prevents bugs and dust from getting into Crystal, saving you time and hassle for cleaning.
Simple Installation
Crystal is composed of two components that allow for easy installation. The ceiling plate is installed first, followed by the Crystal lamp body.