Yeelight Serene Eye-Friendly Desk Lamp
Better Light, Better Eyes
Low Blue Light | Adjustable Brightness | Flicker-free | Smart Features
An Ideal Desk Lamp for Children
Serene is the ideal desk lamp for children and anyone who wants to maintain a healthy vision. With low blue light emission and crisp color rendering, the lamp helps protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays that can damage your eyes over time. The pivotal design and unique lateral lens design allow for unmatched comfortability and uniformly distributed light. Built-in smart features allow for effortless control, as the device can be synced with your smart phone
Low Blue Light is Safer for Children’s Eyesight
What is blue light? Blue light with a wavelength between 420nm - 450nm can potentially damage children’s cornea, eye lens, and even retina. Serene has achieved international recognition for its photobiological safety rating of RB0, and serves to protect children’s eyesight from harmful blue light.
TUV Low Blue Light Content Authorization
German certification authorization TUV number: 2PfG 2383/06.16
Photobiological safety standard: IEC 62471
Warm Natural Light to Soothe the Eyes
Serene produces 3700K warm light that is gentle enough for children’s eyes, but not too warm to make you fall asleep.
No Strobe, Easier on the Eyes
Constant exposure to stroboscopic lights can be hazard to the eyes and lead to headache and sore eyes. By converting alternating currents to direct currents, Serene stabilizes the light wave to present uniform lighting, as seen in the following illustration.
Strobe Inspection Curve
Yeelight Serene strobe inspection data: high brightness – strobe depth 0.28% without stable frequency; low brightness – strobe depth 2.2%, 1027HZ.
Perfect Spread of the Light
Using 88 pieces of internationally first-class LED, Serene emits light onto the surface that spreads evenly. Serene guarantees brightness while avoiding glares and other complications. Whether it is a book in front of the child or an album on the table, it can be evenly illuminated.
Natural Light Provides Children with True Colors
With a color rendering index RA >=95, Serene can accurately portray colors as though it was under natural daylight. Under the light from this desk lamp, you can accurately distinguish similar colors such as deep blue and black, allowing children to see the colorful world realistically.
*Sunlight is viewed as the most ideal natural light source, whose color rendering index is 100.
The value of color rendering index gets more close to 100, the better is the color rendering effect.
Touch Panel Control
With the touch panel on Serene, you can enjoy a smooth and simple control of the brightness through the tip of fingers, with one button to turn on the lamp or to enter timer mode.
Smart APP Control
Using either the Mi Home App or Yeelight App, you can control the lamp through your phone. Select features in timer setting and to make light a reminder, to avoid your children from using eyes too long.
Adjustable and Comfortable
The patented 7-point rotational design allows for maximal comfort, adjusting to your child’s needs. The lens can always be adjusted to face downwards, guaranteeing direct lighting and minimal glare.
Axis patent number: 201820484549.6, 201820510402.X
A Lamp Protecting the Eyes of Everyone
Soft light that is similar to natural daylight not only protects the eyes of a child but also those of the entire family.
Lateral Design
Serene enjoys international recognition for its lateral lens design, offering more uniformly distributed light.
A heavy base combined with an anti-slide pad provides stability to the device, making the lamp hard to knock over.
Patented rotational axis
The patented 7-point rotational design allows for maximal comfort, adjusting to your child’s needs.