Yeelight Galaxy LED Ceiling Light
More juicy to life.
Large area of illumination, various mood colors,
adjustable color temperature and brightness, dust and insect resistant
Moon LED Smart Ceiling Light 450
Suggest luminate up to 20 m2 of living room or bedroom
Moon LED Smart Ceiling Light 480
Suggest luminate up to 20 m2 of living room or bedroom
Moon LED Smart Ceiling Light 650
Suggest luminate up to 25m2 of living room or bedroom
Spread the light for a more juicy life
Galaxy 650 is mounted with both the main light and the mood light, which you may use cohesively to enhance the lighting environment in the room, or to use separately with a more subtle glow for a mood balancing.
Light up your dreams with colors
Our mood light is made up of high-performance and high-quality RGB light strips. Easily switch through your color of choice, such as ocean blue, blazing red, or sunshine yellow for a dream-like lighting environment.
One ceiling light to illuminate the entire room
The updated light cover design adopts a transparent acrylic material and unique Film process, which allows it to create a soft light without being glaringly bright. One ceiling light will brighten every angle of the room.
Compatible for your nighttime adventures
Galaxy supports moon light mode with customizable shades and brightness. Galaxy in moon light mood is perfect for the nighttime as it can emit a soft, comfortable glow that is not too glaringly bright on the eyes.
See the true beauty in your world
Galaxy lamp bead has a color rendering index (Ra) up to 95, meaning that it can accurately showcase the colors as they would be in the natural sunlight, and see the lively world as it is.
Adjustable color temperature for different settings
Customize your color temperature from 2700K to 6000K. Colors below 3200K emit a warm glow, 3300K-5300K showcase a neutral light for a pleasant and serene mood, above 5300K displays a cool light to help people concentrate. These various color temperatures helps match the right light for the right setting.
Dust and insect-resistant
Galaxy adopts a multi-layer design for its lamp cover. It will remain shiny and clear and prevent dust and insects from accumulating in the light.
Convenient and fast installation
Traditional ceiling light installation may take up to 40 minutes and is a complete hassle to install or remove. Galaxy, however, saves you from the hassle. The innovative base tray design includes a slide lock which clicks into place. Simple installation, simple dismantle. Changing or cleaning the light is a breeze.
Smart light for a smart you
Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, easily control your light with your voice or your smartphone. Just one click or command can change the color temperature or brightness or customize preset settings, even on the comfort of your bed. The wireless Bluetooth control also prevents signal blockage.
Bring stars to your room
With PMMA blow molding technique and its built-in film process, Galaxy starry model shines through the star-patterned surface to illuminate the room with a galactical effect. Yeelight Galaxy Ceiling Light comes in both white and star versions.