Q & A

  • Q:The features of yeelight blue

    1. Smart phone controlled bulb;
    2. Using bluetooth 4.0, no other device needed(e.g. control box);
    3. White and RGB LED; changes color and brightness;
    4. Set scene with photos, or with music;
    5. New features go with app upgrading.

  • Q:What's the difference from the 1st generations?

    The 1st generation uses Zigbee, there should be a box works as bridge; The blue edition uses bluetooth, so it's simple.

  • Q:How to start with yeelight blue?

    1. Screw in the bulb, then turn on power;
    2. Download App from App Store;
    3. Run App with bluetooth turned on.

  • Q:Can not find bulb in App

    1. Make sure it's power on;
    2. Check if your fixture is made of metal, metal will weaken the signal;
    3. If another mobile connects with your bulb, you can not find it until it's released.

  • Q:I am worry about the heat of LED

    LED will generate heat when it's power on, don't install the bulb in a closed space, it needs free air for heat dissipation. At the mean time, we add a feature to protect it when the bulb is too hot by lowing the brightness or power off automaticly.

  • Q:Wireless connection is not stable

    Some times the phone and bulb will be disconnected even signal is good, it's caused by the old version of iOS(5.x), it works more stable with new versions(6.x+). So it's recommended upgrading your iOS.