Light the scene,
set the stage

Create more intimacy, with Yeelight Blue

We work with lighting experts to choose our core components and build the Yeelight dimming software to create the optimum scene lighting experience for you. Using high quality Cree LED chips, Yeelight delivers a colorful, reliable, and eco-friendly life.

A more colorful life, with Yeelight.

More than 16 million colors

With Cree LED chips and our dimming software, yeelight demonstrates precise color effects. And with our specially designed lamp shades, your lighting becomes softened to be suitable for any and every occasion.

Preserve your memories in Flowing Color

Our patented software technology Flowing Color analyses your photo albums for color schemes to help you recreate an atmosphere you experienced years ago, or bring you back to the trip of your lifetime.

The light of the party

Throwing a disco party in your living room? Our Yeelight bulbs can sync their color changes to the music, for scene lighting with a beat.

Color your life green

Start saving money today with Yeelight’s environmentally friendly LED light bulbs.

Light that keeps up with you

Set a timer for automatic turn-on/off. The Yeelight bulb will go to sleep with you at night, and wake you up in the morning, as natural as a sunrise.