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Frequent Q&A
Resetting Video Instructions
1. Q: Is there any accessory for this atmosphere light?
A: This ambient light offers a USB power cable.
2. Q: Can this light change color?
A: No, only brightness can be adjusted.
3. Q: What is the color temperature of the atmosphere lamp?
A: The color temperature is 1800K.
4. Q: Is the atmosphere light waterproof?
A: Ambient light waterproof and dustproof IP20, not waterproof.
5. Q: Is this atmosphere light controlled by a separate app?
A: Please search for "Yeelight" in each application market and App store, download and use it to control the atmosphere light.
6. Q: Ambient light how to charge?

A: Please use an adapter with a charging voltage of 5V and a charging current of 1.5A, and charge the Micro USB charging cable with the charging interface.

7. Q: How long does it take for the atmosphere lamp to be fully charged? How to confirm that the atmosphere light is fully charged?

A: Charging using a charger with a 5V or 1.5A charging standard takes about 2 hours. The charge lamp of the atmosphere lamp is displayed in red when charging, and the charge indicator turns off after the battery is fully charged.

8. Q: Atmosphere lamp life ability?

A: Ambient light lasts for 6 hours at maximum brightness. When the battery is low, the atmosphere lamp will automatically flash to indicate insufficient battery power.

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