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Frequent Q&A
1. Q:Which products can be supported by Yeelight Remote Control?
A: Only Yeelight LED Ceiling Light for the moment.
2. Q:What’s the requirement for the cell battery of Yeelight Remote Control?
A: Use button cell battery of Model CR2032(3V \ 220mAh ).
3. Q:What’s the lifetime of Yeelight Remote Control?
A: The lifetime of each button is about 10000 times (pressure≤2N).
4. Q:How can Yeelight Remote Control pair with Yeelight LED Ceiling Light?
A: Keeping Yeelight Remote Control and Yeelight LED Ceiling Light in the same room, press button OFF+M in 60s after turning on the ceiling light. The indicator light of remote control blinks during the pairing process. And connection is completed when the ceiling light stops breathing.
5. Q:How many color temperature steps does Yeelight Remote Control has? What’s the figure of each color temperature?
A: Totally 4 steps, the corresponding figures are 2700k, 4000k, 5200k and 6500k.
6. Q:What’s the maximum control distance for Yeelight Remote Control?
A: Among 30 meters(without barriers).
7. Q:Can Yeelight Remote Control control multiple Yeelight Ceiling Lights?
A: Yes, just pair the Remote Control with the ceiling lights. There’s no limitation of numbers.
8. Q:Can multiple Yeelight Remote Controls control one Yeelight LED Ceiling Light at the same time?
A: Yes, each ceiling light can be paired with 10 Yeelight Remote Controls at most.
9. Q:What should I do if the indicator light of Yeelight Remote Control doesn’t respond?

1. For first time use, please make sure that the cell insulator has been removed.

2. After using Yeelight Remote Control for a period of time, please check the power of the cell battery and make replacement.

3. If none of the above relates, please contact Yeelight after-service.