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Frequent Q&A
Resetting Video Instructions
1. A:How long is Yeelight lightstrips?
2. Q:Does lightstrips support color changing?
3. Q:How many LEDs are in this lightstrips? What’s the power?
A:60 LEDs. 12w.
4. Q:What’s the lifetime of this lightstrips?
A:25000 hours.
5. Q:What’s the supported voltage range?
A:100-240V~50/ 60Hz 0.5A
6. Q:Is there any requirement for the smartphone?
A:Yes. Android4.0 and above. iOS 7 and above.
7. Q:What’s is music mode?
A:Music mode is collecting surrounded sounds through smartphone and changing color and brightness according to these sounds.  When using music mode, please keep Yeelight application running. Close application will interrupt music mode.
8. Q:Doesn lightstrips support firmware ugprade?
A:Yes. This will be an upgrade notice in application when new firwmare is available.
9. Q:How to reset lightstrips?
A:Unplug the power adapter, press the on/off button and meanwhile plug in the power adapter. Holding the button for 5 more seconds until the strip begin to show red, green, blue in turn. Release the button and the indicator LED will turn yellow, which means reset successfully.
Lightstrip (Color)Resetting Video Instructions