YEELIGHT LED  Bulb (White)
YEELIGHT LED  Bulb (White)
2700K, Dimmable, Wi-Fi enabled, Energy saving
Works with
Works with
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Beyond lighting, pleasant lighting
In the evening,the YEELIGHT LED bulb will accompany you while reading a book. It will help you relax before going to bed and also create a more festive atmosphere. We have improved it, which made possibility to use the brightness adjustment and remote control functions. To ensure safety, we have used special technologies: lightning protection, overheating protection and overload protection. A service life of 11 years*. Now you have the appropriate lamp, of which lighting will be perfect for reading books and will also help to create a cozy atmosphere for friendly gatherings.
* Measured at 6 hours per day
Energy saving
11 Years
long lifetime
2700K color temperature
YEELIGHT LED bulb uses 2700K color temperature, which provides the best balance between warm light and brightness.
Enjoy reading time
Appropriate lighting for reading
Usually, while making a dinner, reading a book or watching the TV, we need different lighting. When reading a book, we need bright lighting to save our vision. If you are getting ready for bed or want to relax with your friends, for a more comfortable atmosphere, you need a few dim and “soft” light. Thanks to YEELIGHT LED smart bulb, you can select the level of illumination brightness that suits you best at a certain moment and in a certain situation.
Professional optical design
You vision safety
Reading in a not appropriate lighting conditions for a long time causes eye fatigue and can lead to vision deterioration. Therefore, by using high-quality LEDs, we have created a special optical design. As a result of the simultaneous high-performance work of LEDs,we get a stable lighting. Therefore, even when watching TV or reading a book (considering the fact that for reading the color temperature of 2700K is required), your eyes will always be protected.
Fresh and natural light
Color appearance like in an art gallery
At nightfall, turn on the YEELIGHT Smart LED Light Bulb. The lighting in your room will become beautiful and bright, like on a clear day. We put a lot of effort to make the lamp color appearance the same as in art galleries. Such good lighting can make you happier, the YEELIGHT Smart LED Light Bulb will create a feeling that your room is illuminated by the real sun.
Wi-Fi control
Remote control the lights at anywhere
If you have the WiFi, you can use the handy remote control feature. Feel free to turn off the light in the room of your sleeping child — a lamp will not emit any audible alarm and will not disturb your baby. On returning home, turn on the lamp — a pleasant natural light will help help you to relax after a working day. If you have already bundled up in a warm and soft blanket and do not want to get up, use your smartphone to turn off the light.

Away home



The simultaneous control of multiple lamps
If you need to make the lighting of a single lamp more bright, you want to simultaneously turn on multiple lamps or adjust the brightness of all lamps at the same time — that’s all possible. Go to the MIJIA application and add all your Smart Lamps, then you need to choose a control of a group of lamps. As a result, you can adjust the brightness of the lamps and control a switch, namely to turn on or off the lamps. Use YEELIGHT Smart LED Light Bulbs for creating a romantic atmosphere or for a reliable and highly efficient office lighting.
Easy to Use
Download Yeelight APP, connect the bulb to your network then enjoy smart lighting.
Install the bulb
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Model No.YLDP01YL
Luminous Flux580lm
Communication ModeWi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Color Temperature2700K
Operating Voltage120V~60Hz 0.2A
Lamps InterfaceE26
Platform Supported(a) Android4.4 and above system;
(b) IOS8.0 and above system.