Yeelight Converting Cable
Anytime and Anywhere, Work with MIJIA Desk Lamp
12V/1A Stable Output  | 92% Conversion Efficiency  | High-Sensitivity Circuit Protection

*Only Compatible with MIJIA Desk Lamp
MIJIA Desk Lamp Maximum Hours of Use
Xiaomi Power Bank
Xiaomi Power Bank
10000mAh Pro
Xiaomi Power Bank 2
Xiaomi Power Bank
Minimalist Design, Contemporary Look
Yeelight Converting Cable adopt a seamless integrated design & ultrasonic adhesion, making it simpler and more elegant  than traditional structure and preventing dust or water splash.
Plug and Use, Simple and Quick
Connect your MIJIA Desk Lamp with a power bank using Yeelight Converting Cable. Anytime and Anywhere, bring light with you.  Make your power bank compatible with your MIJIA Desk Lamp. Use it in dorms and any other occasions you might need a free way of lighting.
Shielded Twisted Pair Cable, Safe and Stable
Yeelight Converting Cable is a twisted pair cable which offers 12V/1A output with a 92% conversion efficiency.The cable’s flexibility ensures reliable transmission capacities.
Meticulous Circuit Layout
The high-quality boost chip makes voltage conversion more stable and thus protects cooperative work of MOS switch chip and boost chip itself. A full-time monitoring of voltage and current assures output safety.
Model No.YL2HX01YL
Product Length20cm
Cable Length10cm
Input Voltage5V±10%
Input Current≥2A
Output Voltage12V
Maximum Current Output1A
Operative NormQ/QDYLK0003-2016