Mi LED Desk Lamp
The art of light
Flicker-free, Color temperature & Dimmable, 4 lighting modes, Wi-Fi enabled
Beyond lighting, pleasant lighting
The new Mijia desk lamp comes with four lighting modes for different needs, pomodoro mode, reading mode, PC mode and kids mode. Further, you can set color temperature and brightness of the lamp via YEELIGHT APP. This is definitely handy for all your lighting needs. As for the design, the lamp has a very minimalistic design. You get a super thin stand and a thin tube, so it should be easy to place it anywhere you want without taking a lot of space.
Flicker free
Flicker free, UV free
Dimmable, CCT adjustable
Fit most scenes you need
4 scene modes
Optimized brightness and color
temperature for 4 common scenes
Elegant design
Elegant design with iconic white body and red line, high quality engineering for durable products
Flicker-free, more comfortable
Flicker is harmful to your eyesight, so we use color-mixing technology to reduce it, at any color temperature, at any light intensity. Especially, when you turn the knob to adjust the light, you can get the smooth light change.
The comparison of flicker
 Mijia Smart
 CQC standard *
 Florescent light
From CQC 1601-2013 vision task light technical certifidation standard, at 1000Hz.
Silent protection, under illumination
The new Mijia desk lamp comes with four lighting modes for different needs,
Pomodoro mode, Reading mode, PC mode and Kids mode.

Pomodora mode

Reading mode

PC mode

Kids mode

In Pomodora mode, you can set up a "focus time" and "rest period", each completed a "focus time" lamp, the lamp will remind the users to take a rest via "breathing light", which helps users improve work efficiency, reduce eye fatigue
The lamp provides users with a more neutral color temperature (4000K) and 100pct brightness, which improves readers' attention as well as prolong reading time without tiring
Blue light from computers will damage to your eyes. The setting of 2700K color temperature of light is designed to reduce the proportion of blue light and protect your eyes when using computers.
Children's eyes are not mature and vulnerable to light damages. Mijia smart LED desk lamp, designed for children, has passed the Biosafety certification to meet the latest safety standards, silently protecting children from damaging their eyesight.
From warm to cold, and dark to bright
Gently turn the light to the well-being at black and white. Color temperature (an accuracy of 1K) and brightness adjustment (an accuracy of 1%) for all your needs.
CCT accuracy
Intensity accuracy
Single click
Turn on/off
Press & Twist
Color temperature
Double click
Pomodora mode
Flicker-free, pleasant lighting
Let the natural light cover your desk. Patented optical design, never stop discovery.
Precise hinge design
Long-term durability with 10, 000 times fatigue test, more reliable.
* After 10, 000 times usages, damping reduces is fewer than 17%, and lamp works in good condition.
Efficient heat sink
Better heat dissipation to ensure high performance of LED chips and prolong extended the lifetime of whole lamp.
——   Heat sink
——   Heat conduction layer
——   PCB board/LED chips
——   Light scattering shell / Fresnel lens
Quality guarantee
Model No.MJTD01YL
Gross Weight1450g
Net Weight800g
Luminous Flux300lm
Communication ModeWi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Color Temperature2700K-6500K
Adapter voltage100-240V~50/60Hz 0.2A
Lamp input12V 0.5A
Product IncludeMijia Lamp, Adapter & User Guide
Platform Supported(a) Android4.4 and above system;
(b) iOS8.0 and above system.