Mi Bedside Lamp
Drift to sleep and enter into a colorful world.
Vast color options | touch control | Osram lighting
Set the mood with some splash of color
Mi Bedside Lamp offers a virtual kaleidoscope of colors. Match your lighting to your mood. Set it for gaming, reading, or any other activity. Adjust the brightness quickly and easily to improve sleep patterns and comfort levels. You shouldn't have to adjust yourself to your lighting--it should fit you.
Relax yourself with the calming blue light.
Energize your family with the warm and lively yellow light.
Spice up your date with a romantic red light.
Smartphone controls
Customize Mi Bedside Lamp using your favorite photos. Simply select a photo to replicate the color palette in lighting. You can then enjoy or further customize the temperature and color for an utterly unique experience.
Sleep peacefully
Just tap Mi Bedside Lamp to enable Night Mode. Soft, non-glare lighting ensures optimum sleep while preserving visibility.
Wake up naturally
Comfortable and warm light perfect for getting some rest
Touch operated
Mi Bedside Lamp provides flexible controls via both the Companion App and touch functions. The buttons on top can be used to change color and brightness for simple and convenient use.
Connect with Mi Band
Automatically turns off when you fall asleep
As you prepare for the night, connect with the Mi Band and click the Mi Bedside Lamp. The gentle light will help lull you to sleep. Drift to sleep worry-free as the Mi Band will automatically turn off the lights when you fall asleep after it detects your slowed and peaceful heartbeat.
High-quality manufacturing
Every bedroom requires something a little different; Mi Bedside Lamp's minimalist design is perfect for every bedroom. It uses high-precision CNC anodized blasting & cutting techniques to ensure flawless construction.