Yeelight LED Bulb (White) FAQ
1. Q: Can Yeelight LED bulb be controlled by mobile application if its power is cut off?
A:  No. You need to keep the bulb powered in order to control it.
2. Q: Can Yeelight LED bulb recover to its previous state before it had been powered off?
A: Yes. You can enable “auto state saving” feature in settings page.
3. Q: Will Yeelight LED bulb show the same brightness every time after it's powered on?
A: It's optional and can be configured. By default, the power-on bright is 100%.

User can use “set default” to set the current brightness as the power-on brightness.

User can also turn on “auto state saving” feature to let the bulb remember it's current brightness automatically,

so the power-on brightness will be the last saved brightness.

4. Q: Why the initial connection is failed sometimes? What can I do?
A: If your LED bulb can't be connected, you may need to check:

1) Your WiFi router is working and can connect to internet. Note: Yeelight LED bulb doesn't support 802.11ac (5G Hz), so please choose 2.4G when doing the initial connection.

2) Your smart phone can access the internet through your WiFi router.

3). Make sure Yeelight Application is installed properly on your smart phone. It needs Android 4.0 and above or iOS7 and above.

4). Make sure Yeelight LED bulb has not been connected before, otherwise, you need to follow the instruction to reset the bulb firstly and try again.

5. Q: Why Yeelight LED bulb (White)'s color is a bit yellow?
A: Yeelight LED bulb (White) uses 4000K color temperature which is widely used in different circumstances.

Although 4000K light shows a bit yellow, it's commonly called “white light” in LED industry.

Yeelight LED Bulb (White) Manual